Photography – from the Greek words “photo” meaning “light” and “graphia” meaning “writing or drawing”

Judy Unger-Clark has been a “light writer” for over 50 years.  She built her first pinhole camera inspired by Eric Renner and John Wood at Alfred University.  Judy’s work has evolved from darkroom to digital, but her strong ties to artistic and alternative film based methods are evident. Her computer is treated as her darkroom.  Her analog film of choice was infrared which records light beyond the visible spectrum.  Judy now works with a digital infrared camera, pinhole camera, iPhone and others.

Her work has been shown in museum settings, universities, galleries and on-line exhibitions.  Recent juried shows include Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery at Keene State College, Fitchburg Art Museum, Vermont Center for Photography and Society for Photographic Education NE Chapter exhibition.

Judy holds a BFA from Alfred University.  For 20 years, she taught high school photography in New Hampshire and Vermont.  In addition to her photography she runs an  organic market garden and maple sugaring operation in Rindge, NH.

Unger-Clark offers up some startling photographs – images layered on images, the world as seen through the artist’s lens.  – It’s a kind of scrapbook of something that’s not quite real; it's memory and nostalgia, but there’s something disturbing there as well, a certain slideshow quality.”    Text by Jane Eklund



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